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Gadgetflix.com.ng is a common platform where the distributors, retailers and wholesalers can supply to the needs of the customers. Gadgetflix.com.ng enables a greater market reach to the suppliers and convenience to the customers. It provides an online platform for customers to choose from a wide variety of products listed by the suppliers (distributors, wholesalers, retailers). It also allows the suppliers to enlist their products to ramp up their sales by increasing their reach. This portal also acts intermediately between the distributor and wholesalers or retailer to supply goods that are unavailable locally.

                                                                                                                 Categories of Business
The main model of business can be categorized into two major divisions according to the customer segment and the type of their interaction with the suppliers.   

  • Business to Customers (B2C)
    This is meant for customers. This model is built around providing convenience, quality and best value for money to the end users. The customers can browse through the catalogs and see the different items listed by the suppliers. The customer orders the selected items and we deliver the product on their doorsteps. This is our main focus and we concentrate all of our initial resources at this.
  • Business to Business (B2B)
    This model is meant for the wholesalers and retailers who need some items which are unavailable in the local market. This is for bulk shipments and we charge the customers for the shipment. This is not our primary goal. So as a web startup we don’t start with this but we definitely plan to implement this in the future. Business Process The business process for the Gadgetflix.com.ng is very simple. The Process can be segregated into the following sub categories:- 
  • Buying Process 
  • Selling Process

 Buying Process This process allows users to search and buy different products listed by sellers.

To buy on Gadgetflix.com.ng one must be a registered user. It’s fast, easy and free. As a registered user, they can shop and place orders on Gadgetflix.com.ng. The registration involves the following steps:
1. Contact Information
2. User ID & Password Creation
3. Email Confirmation Browse Browsing is clicking through lists of titles called categories until one find something they are interested in.

Before one buys or place an order, they can know about the item and seller to make an informed decision, pay attention to the:

·  Listing information

·  Product details

·  Shipping and payment details

·  Seller information

Payment After the buyers have selected their products they are given a choice of selecting their payment mode/method. There are many payment methods and most sellers offer more than one. Some methods offer more protection than others. Listed below are the most common payment methods:

 • Demand Drafts

 • Cash on Delivery (COD) or Payment on Delivery

• Buyer Pays and Picks Up

• Cheque


Feedback is made up of comments and ratings left by members who have bought from and sold to. Once you have received your item, it is time to leave feedback for the seller and the item, letting future buyers know about your experience with the seller. Type of information typically included in seller feedback:

•  Satisfaction with the item

•  Quality of communication

•  Quality of packaging

•  Promptness of shipping

•  Courteousness

Selling Process

  • This allows the retailers, wholesalers and distributors to enlist themselves and their products to reach to the customers. The following flow chart explains the process. Supplier Registration The supplier must enlist themselves by registering themselves with a fixed cost amount. The registration involves the following steps:

1. Contact Information

2. User ID & Password Creation

3. Email Confirmation

 Enlist Products

The supplier must enlist their products with appropriate details, pictures, description, prices etc. Each product enlistment requires a one-time cost.

 Manage Products

The suppliers are allowed to modify their entries which are already listed.

 Feedbacks & Remarks

 The feedbacks from supplier are taken to improve the process.

 Revenue Model

The revenue model of Gadgetflix.com.ng is very simple. Gadgetflix.com.ng does not charge any customer for browsing. The browsing is made free of cost. The revenue model can be segregated onto the following sub categories, namely:

1.    Registration Fee

 Manufacturers or Distributors pays annual rent for registering to Gadgetflix.com.ng. In order to enlist their products or to put any kind of advertisements the companies must be registered. This is a fixed rent.

2.    Listing Fee

Manufacturers or Distributors pays annual rent for listing each product. This is a variable rent calculated keeping the cost and various other factors in mind.

3.    Service Charges

Service Charges are in terms of the following:

·  ShipmentGadgetflix.com.ng charges a nominal amount for shipment of products to the door step. This depends on the distance and amount gradation.

·  MaintenanceGadgetflix.com.ng also charges a percentage of the order for maintenance of its business.

·  DiscountsGadgetflix.com.ng offers discounts to all of its deals depending on the time and volume of orders.